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Access All Pictures Taken by Monitored Phone

View All Pictures Taken by Monitored Smartphones, A picture is worth a thousand words. Download pictures stored on the cell phone through our phone monitoring software remotely.


Here are some of those additional features:

Spy photos - Images, Audio files and other multimedia files are a great way to track the cell phone of any android user. SpyAppKing gives you access to all of these excellent features with the click of one button.

Hidden Call Recorder - SpyAppKing spy app comes with a hidden call recorder that provides you with recordings of every phone call that occurs on the target phone. The conversation recording are both party, which means that you can hear both parties clearly. This feature consumes minimal data and is very effective.

Skype Messenger * - The process to monitor all Skype conversations including multimedia files transferred over the devices got way simpler with SpyAppKing cell phone spy app.

WhatsApp Messenger   With WhatsApp spy you can easily access all text messages that have been exchanged through WhatsApp messenger.

Hike Messenger Tracking* - A popular social media app Hike is available to users globally. This app can be used for sharing texts and photos. SpyAppKing monitoring App can be used to spy all Hike chats.

Location Tracker - SpyAppKing cell phone spy software informs you about the live location of the target android smartphone.

E-mail messenger spying* - Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail and Gmail are the most popular ways of formal communication across the globe. People use these email services to share various kinds of emails including spams. You can keep your family secure with the help of SpyAppKing mobile spy app to keep yourself away from all threats.

Excellent Customer Support - At SpyAppKing, our customers are highly valued. Hence, the company provides all day chat support on whatsApp. Technical issues and any kind of problems that you face will be taken care of over phone calls.


How to Get Spy App King?

In order to avail the benefits of SpyAppKing, all you need to do is visit spyappking.com website. You can browse through the different topics mentioned on the site to get an idea of how the application works

If your cell phone is listed among the compatible devices, you can go to the ‘buy now’ section and choose a plan that suits your needs. After making the purchase you can simply download and install the SpyAppKing app on the desired device. The entire process will take around 5-10 minutes and then you’re all set. Uninterrupted monitoring information can be accessed through a unique username and password that the company will provide to you or you can creat it. You can access this information on a smartphone or a PC/laptop. The information will be made accessible to you and you only.

Spy like James Bond 007 style. Happy spying!



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Get Easy Access to the Gallery with Spy Photo Gallery Software


Mobile phones are as important as food and water to us now. And when this innovative device is so important, you cannot deny the fact that some people are misusing it just to fulfill their malicious purposes. To prevent people from those nasty-minded people, Spy App King – a leading spy software provider in the country has upgraded its existing products and added more features to it. Now, they have designed and developed software that can be used for monitoring the gallery of the targeted device. Even though it has other features too, you can get easy access to the gallery of the phone and see what type of multimedia files are there. So, get in touch with us to learn more about this photo gallery monitoring app.


Additional Features of Spy Photo Gallery Tracker

As we have mentioned earlier that this software is undeniably for gallery monitoring, you can get access to the entire targeted device. Some amazing features of this software include the following:


  • Call Log Details: You can check out the call details i.e. incoming, outgoing, and missed calls along with the call duration and time and contact list with this software.
  • Call Recording: This smart monitoring tool is designed to help you record the conversation made between the targeted person and others. You can listen to the recorded calls.
  • WhatsApp Chats and Multimedia Files: It is one of the most popular yet highly used social media channels. You can get access to this popular messenger with our spy call software. Additionally, with this software, you can see the multimedia files received and shared.
  • Facebook Messenger Chats and Multimedia Files: To know with whom your targeted person is chatting on FB messenger or what they are sharing i.e. images, videos, and other multimedia files with people, you can use this software.
  • Live Location: To know where your targeted person is going in your absence, you can download this outstanding photo gallery monitoring app. With this software or app, you can get details in real-time. 
  • Email Tracking: By using this monitoring app, you can keep a track of the email IDs used in the targeted mobile phone to see if they are using any confidential details with others or not.
  • Battery Status: If you are using this software for the safety of your child, then you will be provided with the battery status. In case the phone of the targeted device is about to switch off, you will be notified for the same.


How to Get Spy Photo Gallery Software?

Call us on +91-9821337675 to learn more about the photo gallery monitoring software. By connecting with us TODAY, you can get a chance to download the FREE version of this software. Still thinking? CALL NOW!